Generate ideas, to change the world!

Every person has one thing that he is living for. Let's call it a "personal bottom line" For some it is money, for others prestige, for others pursuit of pleasure. Now let's imagine that you're faced with a situation where you are about to lose everything – your job, your house, your car, even your health and your family. But ... you are given the choice to hold onto one thing, only one thing. What would it be?

I Mostly Prefer.....
Cell Phone: BlackBerry
Laptop: Lenovo
PC Browser:Chrome & Mozilla Firefox
Search Engine: Google
Email Server: Gmail and Own
Operating System: Windows
Live chat: Gtalk and Skype
Technology: Microsoft SQL & Web Services
Social Networking website: Don’t have time for that :)

The Most Important Things in MY Life.....
Positive Attitude
Systematic Approach
Knowledge Sharing
Self Discipline - Self-discipline is a way of life where you can improve your performance and your thinking.

Quotations, Which I Can Relate to Myself.....
Commitment, transforms a promise into reality.
The Secret of Success is Discipline… which is built by consistently performing small acts of courage one step at a time.
A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words.
Adjustment with right people is always better than argument with wrong people.

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